Shankeshwar Parshwanath - Indore

Payment Plan

Payment Terms

  • All payments are required before/after the commencement/completion of the different stages of construction that will be mentioned in payment schedule that makes a part of this contract.
  • Payment terms shall be 7 -10 days after the notification from the Developer.
  • Variation from the contract does not include in the payment schedule and contract amount. Any changes from the main scope of works as per the above shall contribute to the variation in the contract and will be signed and agreed between both the parties beforehand.


Note :

  • All addition and alterations in plan/change in specifications shall be charged extra.
  • False ceiling will be the part of contract But all down lighters and electric fixtures are not part of contract.
  • Modular Kitchen below kitchen stand will be the part of contract.
  • Wall papers & texture & any other interior work will not be the part of contract.
  • Tiles/Stone or any other exterior work on Elevation may or may not be incur additional cost.
  • Monthly electricity bill of the same will be the part of contract.
  • Permanent connection will not be a part of contract.
  • Chowkidar's salary will be part of contract.
  • Construction permission (Nagar nigam approved map) will not be the part of contract.
  • Any institutional liabilities will be borne by developer.
  • Bore well will be part of contract.

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